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Trawsgrifiad y Slip

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cadwaf: cadw

Another game quite unknown in my county of Carmarthen was played in Radnorshire and went by the name of 'Catw-ffwrn-fach – keeping (or, possibly, keeping in) the little oven. It was played on Nos Glingeia – All Hallows Eve, the 12th of November. A small piece of candle was lit and placed on the floor. Then two strong lads, or young men, stood on either side of it, back to back, and bending forward, grasped a long pole between their legs. One tried to extinguish the candle while the other tried to protect it and keep it alight. While the struggle went on, the protector repeated the following doggerel: Catw ffwrn fach!/ Catw ffwrn fach! /  Beth bynnag a ddelo / Yr annwyl a'i cadwoCatw ffwrn fach.

D Parry Jones: Welsh Children's Games and Pastimes (1964) 172